Božkov Republica Exclusive

A delicious sugar cane rum with full sweet flavour and dark amber colour, best enjoyed neat at room temperature. We've tried that at Simply5, too.


The history of the Stock Plzeň-Božkov company began at the Italian port of Trieste more than 120 years ago. Its first product was a cognac which became so popular that it could directly compete with French distillers. Nowadays the distillery is number one in the Czech spirits and bitter liquor market.

Na zdraví! Cheers! Salut! Prost! Impundu! Kippis!


The challenge was to take advantage of the trending interest in high quality sugar cane rums and introduce their magic to the broadest target market. How does one meet that objective with a brand which has become the benchmark of affordable certainty yet wishes to launch a premium product? We helped to bring Republica Božkov to the light of day in three stages. We looked at market opportunity, concept and design.


We are happy to see that Republica sells well. This is clearly reflected in numbers.