People rate companies

Atmoskop is an online service where employees rate their employer’s environment from within.


Atmoskop gathers anonymous reviews from employees so that job seekers can see what's behind the scenes of the company they are considering. It makes it easier for them to decide whether to accept a job offer or not. Reviews are anonymous, but Atmoskop checks whether the person writing the review actually works or has worked for the company. Credibility is key. For the service to be effective employees' reviews must be frank. That tends to be a challenge. Very often it’s just those whose relationship to their employer has become extremely polarised who feel the need to comment. That is why communication strategy set the following clear objectives: raise awareness of Atmoskop and provide incentives to get honest and non-polarised reviews from as many people as possible.

Credibility is key
for Atmoskop

Koláž atmoskop


When working with Atmoskop we first looked for appropriate insights that would be a good starting point for communication. The insights became the basis for a campaign which we later post-tested, identified its weak points and recommended how to compensate for those using other elements of communication mix.


The outcome couldn't have gone unnoticed. The number of reviews grew from 25,000 to 116,000 in just one year. The inputs from our research were part of the success story.


“As we were looking for opportunities among small and medium sized companies, Katka and Honza of Simply5 took us through a two-month project journey. Simply5 were all extremely helpful and professional right from the very beginning. They prepared the scripts in time, briefed us on interviews and suggested a coordination meeting whenever needed. At the end, rather than making just a presentation Simply5 gave a workshop where we could tap into the results first hand. We even got some extras beyond the project's terms of reference: such as testing of ten mini-concepts for new services or a bottle of Becherovka which has become very popular in our team. Highly recommended. Thank you.”

“…extremely helpful and professional right from the beginning...”