A Windfall for Terno!

A two-brand strategy for Slovak grocery stores


In 2016, the Slovak company Terno was a weakly-profiled discount brand and they wanted to find out what to do next.

Koláž atmoskop


Using SimpSense, we helped our client define a new two-brand strategy including not only the discount Terno, but also a new premium concept of Kraj stores. For each brand, we defined the relevant target groups, identified needs that weren’t being met in relation to which the brands would profile themselves and in cooperation with the client, we prepared a detailed positioning for both brands.


“Together with Simply5, we worked on creating a strategic treatment of the brand, the brand architecture and then after some time also on designing a 2-brand strategy. At the final presentation, I appreciated mainly the simple and straightforward central message of the entire presentation – they didn’t overburden us with too many graphs and charts. Their active leadership workshop that took a whole day which was aimed at facilitating the understanding and fine-tuning of the detailed brand architecture with external agencies was exemplary.

If I could summarize our experience, Simply5 provide significant added professional value to their research projects, which most of all saves the client’s time. They are a great partner to our marketers in the follow-up in-depth discussions. Their know-how is based on their rich experience and an understanding of the further use of data and insights in marketing.”

Anna Buzinkay, Marketing Director

“Simply5 are so much more than a mere research agency.”