Coffee lemonade. Are you curious?

Mazagrande is a refreshing coffee lemonade for those who love broadening their horizons.


Tchibo is one of the world's largest coffee producers and has been present in the Czech market since 1991. From an original mail order coffee shop established in 1949 by Max Herz it grew into an international company operating in many different industries beyond the traditional coffee market. As years went by Tchibo systematically broadened its range through diversity, quality and innovation. The coffee lemonade is a perfect example of that. The ambition to appeal to young consumers including coffee non-drinkers.


Ambition to appeal to young
consumers in impulse situations
including those who do not drink coffee.


At the beginning, there was a product as well as an ambition to appeal to young consumers including those who do not drink coffee in impulse situations. We ran a workshop and found a way from product to proposition. We looked at and tested two product concepts with clearly identified benefits. Then we went out to meet our target group. Using ethnographic observation we helped the communication agency connect with the target group’s lifestyle and choose appropriate branding.


In just a year Mazagrande exceeded its first year sales by 25-35%.