From Prague All the Way to Budapest with Schweppes

A bar-hopping tour of Central Europe


The unique taste of Schweppes dates back to the year 1783. Being the oldest soft drink, it is a sought-after brand in many countries thanks to the fizzy refreshment it provides and to its characteristic taste.

Many hours spent in bars in Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary.


At Schweppes, they wanted to strengthen their position in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and found out more about the ‘whys, hows, whats and whos’. That was why we spent half a year on each market. We ran tens of focus groups and moderated hours of interviews and ethnographic sessions. We held discussions with experts. We spent countless hours in bars all over Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. We did all that so that in the end we could help the client and the agency understand who the brand’s target group was, what tensions and needs within these groups the brand was supposed to address and in what way it could fulfill its international positioning in such a manner so as to be differentiated and at the same time strongly relevant in the market.


“Simply5 were a very good partner throughout all the stages of the project. They were creative in preparing the entire project and designing its individual parts. They were agile in implementing them. And competent in the analytic part. And at the same time, they were able to formulate a strategic outlook for the future and critically to evaluate the partial outputs. The project results including the strategic conclusions received a very warm welcome from both internal and external stakeholders, thanks to which we didn’t lose any valuable time and we could quickly proceed to the implementation stage in both markets.”

Jeroen van Vliet, Consumer Insight and Strategy Planning Manager, Suntory Europe Export & Commercial Markets

“ to formulate a strategic outlook for the future and critically evaluate the partial project outputs.”