Our Story

The idea to set up Simply5 came out of the blue back in 2008 when we just got stung by someone whom we trusted. 

“Let's either help to put the agency we're working for back on its feet after its ownership had changed or stand on our own two feet.” We thought that the latter gave us a chance of more adventure. Vašek was down with encephalitis at the time and was inspired to write the following text message: 

“I'm fully aware that this might sound like a boy band from the 1980s, but I thought I might as well share it, just in case it catches on: Simply5.” And catch on it did. Quite a lot.  

We developed Simply5 with respect to the art of research and fully aware of the fact that our sense of opportunity, joint experience, and creativity gave our clients added value in seeking possible solutions.  

It makes no sense to delve into problems unless you want to seek solutions; we know that from experience.