A model of brand architecture developed for clients of Simply5. BrandMaven is useful wherever brand positioning and strategy definition activities build on earlier projects using SimpSense nebo MetaForce.


What to focus on in brand communication for the upcoming period? Awareness raising? Strengthening the link to targeted needs and emotions? Or building distinct symbolism? Explain a broader mission? Up*Stairs can assess the stage of brand development and identify the future key communication challenges.


System for needs assessment, customer segmentation, brand analysis, as well as identifying brand architecture and portfolio. SimpSense uses unique tools for measuring conscious and subconscious needs  developed in a range of European markets from 2009 to 2010. Since then, SimpSense has helped more than 30 brands (some of them repeatedly) to design a more relevant, more successful, and better targeted strategy.


A system for long-term segment data mining to develop strong and correctly targeted concepts. Allows you to innovate in a targeted manner focusing on needs and consumer segments. It can create up to 20 strong data-based and yet innovative concepts in a month. A structured process. Unique data analysis. Connecting client teams. It works.

Portfolio architecture

How to serve different people with one brand with a clear mission? How far it can go in what it can offer, to whom, why and why not? How does one distinguish different products so that people can understand them? And what if I have two brands in one category or even three? Portfolio architecture is not rocket science but it requires attention to detail and clear-cut contours. That's what we're good at, using the experience and methods above.


There are a number of workshops we have taken part in and an even greater number that we have run. To help your team agree on problem identification and possible solution, brainstorm innovation ideas, and set brand strategy we draw on elements of play as well as experience with facilitation.